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Nora Sika is an artist, photographer, and content creator based in New York City, United States. 

Designer with a wide spectrum of interest. Photography has been her passion since early on in her life.  Although, she has completed photography classes, mostly this craft is self-taught. Nora is also specialized in visual arts, she spent three years at “Uldis Roga drawing studio” in Latvia. Learning figure drawing. She has worked as a precision painter for clients in Latvia, creating a decorative ceiling painting.

Aside from her artistic ambitions, Nora has the experience of developing and operating a business. For her last three years of high school, Nora took a part in a Junior Achievement - Young Enterprise Latvia that required writing a business plan and managing a business. She has won third place in a City in Public Speaking contest that was held in two languages - Latvian and English. During her penultimate year of high school, she took part in European Youth Parliament Latvia (One of the 40 National Committees of the EYP, a volunteer-based international platform for political debate, cultural exchange and personal development).

December of 2014, at the age of nineteen, she moved to New York City on her own. New York is where most of her recent work has been created. 

Currently, studying graphic design and web design and coding, working on graphic imaginary as well as painting skills, building experience as social media operator and project manager for a startup company in New York City. 


Social Media Branding and Management Overview


Sika Supply

Online store. Lifestyle brand. Coming soon.



Online based mews and media platform/ magazine featuring lifestyle, fashion, beauty, music related topics. Designed to serve as a platform for likeminded individuals to share passions and get promotions. #FLYLEAFBY


PULA New York

PULA is a luxurious jewelry brand based in New York City. Fierce, noteworthy and classy - this brand represents the essence of both female and male best qualities.


Logo and Brand Identity





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